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Phuket Photography You Can Rely On

Finding the right photographer in Phuket can appear to be a daunting task as you are lambasted by a plethora of people claiming to be capable of performing your assignment. I will try my best to assist you in making the right decision through a selection of photographs, a short paragraph on our Photography Team and a few references of global corporations who have trusted Imageforge Agency to deliver on our word.

David Pritchard, Imageforge Agencies Director of Photography and Cinematography is vastly experienced in the industry having been entrusted to shoot Photo’s or Video for the following selection of his most recognizable clients.

Beyond David’s level of technical acumen is his ability for project management and managing a team to make sure the job gets done in a manner previously agreed by the client. Most photography jobs have strict schedules as you are working in operating business’s such as a busy hotel and jobs have to be performed with military precision. Phuket is a very relaxed Island where things run slow however after doing hundreds of jobs, David keeps any team on their toes and working in an efficient manner with little to no room for mistakes.

Our Phuket Photography team varies depending on the job but all are overseen by Mr Pritchard. We have a mix of international and Thai Photographers, all of which are based here with a long running relationship and trust.

Photography Services We Offer

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