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Real Estate & Hotel Photography

At Imageforge we specialize in the real estate and hotel sector and examples from our photography portfolio can be found below.

We use a very advanced technique of light painting and compositing for our real estate photography. One room shot may require 10 or more photo’s with light hitting from separate angles that we then layer in Photoshop to create the desired image.

Hotel Photography requires a lot more than just the right equipment, in fact it practically requires military training to keep the intensive schedules that are normally prepared by the many highly skilled Marketing Communication Managers around Thailand! Years of experiences and countless hotel shoots means we are always prepared, professional and pro-active regarding the many obstacles and challenges that regularly present themselves during a typical hotel shoot in Thailand.

We not only take care of the shooting element but can also assist in guiding for pre-production of a schedule ahead of shooting if the hotel requests

Real estate photography is generally a breeze, get in touch and we will guide you on what we require from you to show your property in the best light possible.

  • Highest Quality Images, we use advanced lighting techniques, coupled with complex photo-shopping to create a flawless and natural looking image.
  • Highly Experienced Team, possibly the most experienced on Phuket Island.
  • Very Competitive Pricing, you can inquire about multiple day discounts.
  • We have a travel based audience across our network with soon to be 50,000 followers all of which are frequent travelers. We can send you customers!

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