Behind The Scenes of a Phuket Video Production

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on during a typical Luxury Villa video production then this short post is for you! When shooting villas, we strive for our finished video to look like it was produced on a big budget by a film crew and although the budgets aren’t big, we really do use our crew and light our sets using equipment such as our Arri Lighting, Aputure 300d lights and Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Camera that is used on Oscar-winning movies, as well as being the only Netflix approved camera outside of Bangkok.

Despite all of this video production equipment, our prices have never gone up as our quality has grown, we instead try to give outstanding value for money and maintain a high volume of bookings per month. The truth is, our filmmaker David Pritchard has invested in such equipment for personal tv projects, mostly outside of Phuket and a side effect of this is having the best equipment to use on lower budget jobs also. The video above including models and the longer edit can be made for under 900 usd! (Thank the strong Baht)

Any serious video production requires a lot of unfortunately expensive and heavy equipment. You can’t really compare the end results you will see from a cheap videographer using their small camera and tripod or gimbal vs the kind of gear we are using when we turn your villa into a film set. We hope after reading this short blog post you will understand just how much value you are getting if you choose Imageforge for your next Phuket Video Production.

Here are a few pictures to show behind the scenes of the video production above. The shooting lasted from 11-6.30pm. The actual shooting started at 12pm due to our handsome male model being late. Schedule in the video production world rarely goes to plan but we will always adapt and make sure we get what you need! This breakfast scene the main goal was to show off the location to the ocean while having the models and food looking bright and natural. We used 2 large reflectors held up on C stands by sandbags and had our 300d Aputure light create a nice backlight to give that professional looking video production edge. The Ursa Mini Pro Camera and cameraman were hiding in the bushes waiting for the action to start.

Our 300 d is currently the most powerful light in Phuket. We use c stands, sandbags and needed 2 large reflectors to have this scene so vibrant.

Our haze machine lets us shape light as you see in the movies. Our powerful lighting on the side bursts through to make the scene look like a dream. Our Hazer is capable of creating an atmosphere in the largest of rooms and uses a professional, none toxic formula that leaves no residue and is safe to breathe. One of the many elements you will notice in big Hollywood video production is the use of volumetric lighting, aka haze machines mixed with technical lighting. We’re the only video production company outside of Bangkok that uses such advanced technologies on local video productions such as luxury villas.

David adjusting one of the light cutters as the models bask in the dreamy rays of light!

The pool shot was one of the biggest challenges of the day. We scheduled to shoot at noon, where many directors of photography fear to go!  However, due to running behind schedule we had to shoot at about 1.30. Luckily we have the equipment needed to diffuse, bounce and cut sunlight to make our model look her best in this video production in Phuket. Here we have 1 large overhead silk softening the sunlight and on either side of her, we later moved in a negative fill board as well as a reflector on the other side. This is a very typical setup on bigger budget video production jobs but it is quite unusual to see on a project like this. We are trying to raise the bar for all video production companies in Phuket.

We hope this behind the scenes article gave you some interesting insight into how we put together a luxury villa video production and if you want to turn your villa into a film set for the day and have a video to show what it’s really worth, contact Imageforge video production in Phuket team now.

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