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Are You Looking for a Phuket Cameraman?

If you need a cameraman in Phuket for your upcoming production, whether it's for the web or broadcast we have a number of cameramen that can cover your needs.

Our Cameraman in Phuket uses the most sophisticated camera and lighting equipment available in Southern Thailand. Boasting an Ursa Mini Pro Camera, 4.6k Resolution, RAW output and 120 FPS slow motion, it’s Netflix Approved, BBC approved and beyond. We have a growing demand from overseas music artists who need more than the typical 8 bit cameras that are not accepted by TV and want to shoot in our beautiful location but previously had to bring a Cameraman and team from Bangkok or overseas to make it happen, so now we have everything needed to offer world class filming productions on budgets that will seem cheap compared to say shooting in the UK where our director originally comes from.

Now the most important part of any video production is lighting. We invested more in lighting than anything else in our kit so can boast a 5 piece Arri Fresnal Lighting Kit which is very popular in the TVC, Music Video and Film Production industry. Simply put not all lights are created equal as cheaper lights do not bring the perfect colour back to your camera sensor as it’s meant to, creating de-saturated and often green tints. Arri Lights score 100 Cri for perfect colour re-production every time. Obviously to go with our lights we have a variety of modifiers to shape the light as needed.

Obviously having the most advanced camera equipment in Thailand doesn’t mean much without skilled people to use it! Our Director is David Pritchard, a Uk born director who’s been in the industry a little over a decade, spending all of that time based in Phuket Thailand. He currently specializes in videos and photography for the hotel sector but also has extensive portfolio covering events and producing corporate videos for too many global super brands to mention. In the last year there has been a sudden influx of clients travelling here to produce music videos, from low budget up and comers to higher budget chart toppers such as Claptone, Dainá and Donna Bangiozova.

Finally David has also been a cameraman for a variety of TV programs for just about every major network you can think of. His passion is documentary and film and with his extensive knowledge of Thailand coupled with video production skills, he is an easy choice if you need a cameraman in Phuket for documentary work among everything else.

Checkout our video production page to see more of our work.

Our internal team is a mix of English, Thai and French speaking cameramen with almost 50 years of experience between us. We also have a network of reliable cameramen we use around Thailand so don't hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help you.

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Professional Phuket Based Cameraman

Fully equipped with Sound Devices and Sennheiser audio, Aputure and Arri lighting, various broadcast standard cameras and decades of experience.