A Phuket Photographer You Can Rely On

If you’re looking for an experienced Phuket Photographer, who delivers consistently high quality for an affordable price and has a portfolio bursting with top hotel brands, luxury villas, corporate events, and lifestyle shoots then you’re in the right place.

At Imageforge we have numerous photographers in our team to suit almost any budget, from family photos to large international corporate shoots, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we are happy to guide you to the best option for your needs. If you would like real estate or hotel photography we’ve made a special page for that here.

David Pritchard, Imageforge’s Director of Photography and Cinematography is vastly experienced in the industry having been entrusted to shoot Photos or Video for the following selection of his most recognizable clients.


Beyond David’s level of Cinematography & Photography is his ability as a producer. David is vastly experienced in project management and turning a dream into a logistical reality. Most photography jobs have strict schedules as you are working within operating businesses such as a busy hotel; therefore jobs have to be performed with military precision. Phuket is a very relaxed Island where things run slow however after doing hundreds of jobs, David keeps any team on their toes and working in an efficient manner with little to no room for mistakes.

Our Phuket Photography team varies depending on the job but all at least organized by Mr Pritchard. We have a mix of international and Thai Photographers, all of which are based here with a long-running relationship and trust.

Photography Services We Offer

If you believe your job doesn't fit into the below then contact us to discuss
  • Real Estate Photography

  • Food Photography

  • Aerial Photography

  • Fashion Shoot

  • Corporate Event

  • Lifestyle/Fitness/Yoga

  • Product Photography

  • Family Photography/Events

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