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The Nai Harn Hotel

The Nai Harn Hotel was Phuket's first ever 5 star hotel; a hotel with breathtaking beauty, and a rich history that's potentially unmatched in the region.

Taking the helm of such a prestigious property is a big responsability that fills our team with pride, as the Nai Harn is practically an institution with a long linneage of Hollywood celebrities and royalty to have passed through its doorway during its almost 3 decades of existance.

The Nai Harn is our latest client and with our vast experience shooting luxury hotels and Khun Chamaiporns past career as "Marketing Communication's Manager" for various hotels including The Nai Harn many years ago... We intend to show just how amazing this property is to the right people, and help overcome obstacles caused by the pandemic along the way.

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