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Pura for Life Beverages

We started working with Pura for Life in 2019; the Asian arm of a century old Sicilian fruit company looking to expand its reach.

While their parent company Unicitrus is a well established brand, supplying many of the household names with fruit for their juices sold worldwide; Pura for Life was to be something fresh, new and in a new market that didn't have the benefit of the brand recognition they enjoy in Europe.

We did a staggered lauch first in Vietnam; a mix of our own product photography and video; some competitions and various brand awareness building campaigns to reach the goal of enough hype and data to get the product on the super store shelves, ready for phase 2 coming in november 2021. We next launched the drinks in India; using a lot of what we learned in Vietnam we built up a lot of hype, and demand which we targeted towards Amazon and Flipkart online. Due to the pandemic most superstores were closed so we treat thist first wave of products as brand building ready for phase 2 which will also be rolled out in November 2021.

Stay tuned and we will be releasing details of the Phase 2 strategy; a huge push in Vietnam, India and one more country that's yet to be publicized.

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