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Luca Cini Italian Restaurant

Luca Cini is an absolutely immense Italian restaurant based on Boat Avenue in Cherng Talay. We've been managing their online marketing since May 2020 and it's been a wonderfully fruitful business relationship for everyone involved.

With an abundance of restaurants and Italian drink options in the same area, and a pandemic creating a constant onslaught of restrictions; we looked to the strong points of the restaurant to come up with the spearhead of our marketing campaign, that would set Luca Cini as a market leader in Traditional Italian food and drinks in the area.

We focused on sharing top quality visual media, paired with beautifully written stories behind the dishes and drinks; then using our advanced advertising campaigns to hook potential clients to the business.

Soon after starting we were told they were as busy if not busier than ever, in the middle of the pandemic; and we have been handling their online marketing to this day.

Restaurant Marketing Media

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