Video Production Phuket & Thailand

Imageforge creative agency has been at the forefront of video production throughout Phuket and Thailand for 13 years. Our scope of work is vast, whether you're creating social media content for your brand, showcasing a villa, or you need a Phuket cameraman for tv. We've got an experienced crew and the largest selection of professional cameras and equipment in Phuket to cover all your needs.

We've shot some of the world's biggest companies, such as IMG, UFC, Discovery Channel, Accor Group, Marriott, Starwood Group, Erawan Hotels, Pullman, Ibis, W, Sheraton, The Nai Harn, and The BBC to name a few. We create a lot of work for international clients, but at least half of our work is for small local companies based in Phuket. Our camera is suitable for Major Motion Pictures and documentaries and we use it for big international clients, yet our local clients will get the same A-list treatment.

Knowledge of branding and marketing are essential skills when creating commercial video content. We find many of you want a video but don't have the recipe for a video to cause the reaction you desire; e.g a booking or sale. Luckily for you, we have the formulas! Brand Marketing Specialist, Khun Chamaiporn, joined our team in 2018 after working as marketing communications manager for most recently JW Marriott Phuket and various other hotels. Khun Chamaiporn's wealth of experience working high level in the hotel industry makes shooting a breeze for all involved. Khun Chamaiporn's high level of communications skill when working for a big corporation has also transferred well to her role as production manager on various shoots.

We have a huge selection of equipment to cover most video production requirements in Phuket; our main camera is the Netflix-approved Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k which has been used on countless tv shows and throughout Hollywood. We have a wide selection of lighting such as an Aputure 300d with various modifiers, multiple rgb lighting panels, multiple 150w leds, multiple tungsten from 2000w and finally a ton of accessories such as gimbal, sliders, motorized sliders, silks, frames, cutters, c stands etc. An 8k Red Camera can be rented for a premium price but we find most clients prefer the codec and great value offered by our in-house Ursa Mini Pro.

Video Production BTS

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Video Production Hall of Fame

David Pritchard, Imageforge founder has been a cinematographer, working throughout Thailand and Asia for 13 years now.

Why Should You Invest In Phuket Video Production?

Now in 2021, video content more than ever is widely accepted as the king of audience retention, across all platforms. There is simply no better way to connect to an audience in a memorable way, than through an engaging video production. It's also easier than ever to produce footage that looks big budget on a shoestring. Video is the most powerful medium to communicate your message, build your brand and look professional, so contact us with your goals for a no obligation quote.

Are You Looking For A Cameraman in Phuket?

If you require a cameraman in Phuket we have an international team of cameramen from around the world. Our main cameraman David Pritchard from England specializes in being a director of photography for beautiful setup shots such as Tv commercials, music videos, and hotel videos but is also experienced at shooting and directing tv shows and documentary. Our other highly experienced Phuket cameraman is our long time colleague Raphael Franco who specializes in grip equipment and eng style shootging. Raphael has worked as a war journalist for many years and living in Thailand for all his life which means he is highly adept at navigating the complicated Thai landscape of being a cameraman for documentaries based in Thailand.
Our highly capable cameramen and crew are fully equipped with everything your video production in Phuket will likely require.

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k Cinema Camera (Netflix Approved), Sony A7III Camera, Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone, Red 8k Or Arri mini can be rented.
Canon L lenses or Sigma Art Lenses Ranging from 16mm to 600mm

Various stands, c stands, silks, flags, cutters and grip
Aputure 300d Lights and softbox
RGB Panels Various
5 Arri Fresnal Lights (1000w)
A Variety Of Led Panels
Gels in all types of CTB and Stylistic Colours
Adjustable size Slider, 1.2 meter long Slider with Counterweight, Motorized slider edelkrone sliderone
7 Foot Portable Jib, 14 foot Heavy Jib
Many Tripods
Gimbal for Small Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras and a Steadicam
Sound Devices brand Sound Recorders and mixers, Sennheiser Lav Mics, Shotgun Mics and Stereo Mics, all Above broadcast standard.

When you hire a Phuket cameraman through Imageforge you're getting more than just a skilled technician with a camera, you’re getting an experienced local who understands the logistics and most importantly will save you very valuable time when it comes to shooting the film.