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Imageforge is a video production company in Phuket, Thailand and we work throughout Asia. We have shot for some of the worlds biggest companies, such as: IMG, UFC, Discovery Channel, Accor Group, Marriott, Starwood Group, Erawan Hotels, Pullman, Ibis, W, Sheraton, The Nai Harn and The BBC are just some of our biggest worldwide clients that come to mind but the list is constantly growing. Although we create a lot of work for international clients, at least half of our clients are smaller companies based throughout Thailand. Our camera equipment is suited for Major Motion Picture and documentaries as you can see below, unlike anything you will find outside of Bangkok as we need this equipment for big international clients, however, our local clients will get the same A-list treatment, see for yourself by clicking behind the scenes.

Perhaps this year’s most exciting addition is the signing of Brand Marketing Specialist, Chamaiporn Yadang to our team. She has worked as marketing communications manager for various hotels, most recently JW Marriott Phuket before joining our team. As many of our clients are hotels and luxury villas, Khun Chamaiporn has a wealth of experience from coordinating countless video and photo shoots for five-star hotels and restaurants, that help us give you five-star Phuket video production.

Last year we purchased the Netflix approved, BBC etc spec camera the “Ursa Mini Pro” and no other company outside of Bangkok has a camera of such high spec so expect big things to come in 2019! The first few shots in our highlight reel are from a music video for DJ sensation and BBC Radio 1 chart topper ‘Claptone’ which was the first piece we used the new camera on as it was destined for MTV. We also upgraded our lighting kits to include Aperture 300d lights and various cutters, silks, frames etc so you don’t have to look any further for your video production in Phuket.

Filmmaking Reel

Why should your company invest in Phuket video production?

  1. It will show prospective clients that you have invested a lot in what you do & you’re a serious company
  2. It will potentially make your company look bigger than it really is, thus attracting bigger clients
  3. If your competition has a commercial already, you are behind, if they don’t, this is a free shot at getting ahead!
  4. Google strongly ranks based on audience retention now, this is the amount of time people spend on your website. Plainly put, the more interesting content you have on your website, the longer a user stays and the more interesting Google assumes your website must be. There is no better way to keep people on your website than having an engaging film within the content.
  5. Social Media and Mobile video has now become an almost compulsory part of social media marketing. We have very affordable packages that can produce multiple short pieces to be drip feed to your viewers over time.

Perhaps you just need a Phuket Cameraman?

If you require a cameraman in Phuket or even multiple cameramen, we have an international team of cameramen from around the world. Our main cameraman David Pritchard from England specializes in being a director of photography for beautiful setup shots such as Tv commercials, music videos, and hotel videos. Our other highly experienced Phuket cameraman Raphael Franco specializes in documentary work having worked as a war journalist for many years and living in Thailand for all his life which means he is highly adept at navigating the complicated Thai landscape of being a cameraman for documentaries based in Thailand.

Our highly capable cameramen and crew are fully equipped with everything your video production in Phuket will likely require.

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k Cinema Camera (Netflix Approved), Sony A7Sii Camera,  Phantom 4 Pro Aerial Photography Drone

Canon L lenses or Sigma Art Lenses Ranging from 16mm to 600mm

Various stands, c stands, silks, flags, cutters and grip
Aputure 300d Lights and softbox
5 Arri Fresnal Lights (1000w)
A Variety Of Led Panels
Gels in all types of CTB and Stylistic Colours
Adjustable size Slider, 1.2 meter long Slider with Counterweight, Motorized slider edelkrone sliderone
7 Foot Portable Jib, 14 foot Heavy Jib
Many Tripods
Gimbal for Small Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras and a Steadicam
Sound Devices brand Sound Recorders and mixers, Sennheiser Lav Mics, Shotgun Mics and Stereo Mics, all Above broadcast standard.

Having a Phuket cameraman get your shots gives you more than just a skilled technician with a camera, you’re getting an experienced local who understands the logistics and most importantly will save you very valuable time when it comes to shooting the film! It also removes a lot of stress and responsibility putting this element of the process into some very trusted hands.

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Phuket Cameraman David Pritchard

BTS of set during a food photography shoot

Presenter piece to camera #arri-lighting

BTS Music Video Production Phuket